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Cisco Firepower | Change Management Center (FMC) Default IP Address

This article is based on the Cisco Firepower Management Centre (FMC) version 6.3.0 and assumes you have already got the FMC powered on and have a console connection to the appliance.

The FMC by default comes up with the management IP address of – Unless you’re already running this network in your environment and you’re planning on using it for the FMC in production, you will need to change it to something that’s more appropriate.

Luckily, this is pretty straight forward as I will demonstrate how to do this with a single command using the command line interface.

Start by logging into the FMC with the default credentials (assuming you have not already changed them):

Username: admin
Password: Admin123

Once logged in, run:

sudo /usr/local/sf/bin/configure-network

Enter the admin password again when prompted and then the menu for configuring the management IP address information will start, here is my example:

Now I can use a web browser to reach the FMC using HTTPS. Login using the same credentials as earlier and progress the FMC setup using the GUI.

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