Cisco Firepower

Cisco Firepower | Reset Management Center (FMC) Web and CLI Admin Password

Let’s face it, sometimes we just forget passwords, or something mysterious happens and the password magically changes whilst you’re asleep – yeah, that’s totally what happened here… I booted up my FMCv in the lab I run on my home PC and tried to log into the CLI but.. Login Incorrect ..what? Login Incorrect ..erm […]

Virtualisation VMware

VMware ESXi | Stopping and Starting a Virtual Machine using SSH & CLI

Sometimes you may not be able to use vSphere to log in and power off/on a virtual machine which has gotten into a bad state, in my case my jump server for my lab environment was online and pinging OK however, it was no longer letting me RDP to it and needed a reboot. Because […]

Cisco DevOps Firepower

Cisco Firepower API | Creating Multiple Port Objects using Python & CSV

This is very similar to my previous post for creating network objects (found here) but in this instance we are going to create some new port objects on the FMC using a Python script and a CSV file. The script loops through each line in the CSV file and creates it on the FMC, this […]